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Meet the team - Liz from Cooma

12 December 2019

Name: Liz Timmins

Role: Super Strategist and Financial Advisor

Liz has been with Boyce for just over 25 years and she contributes to the heart and soul of the Cooma office. Liz now works with Boyce Financial Services and remains involved in Superannuation and has guided Boyce staff and clients through the ever-changing industry. Liz has excellent client relationships built on her knowledge and her caring approach.

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Meet the team - Hannah Boland from Moree

4 December 2019

Name: Hannah Boland

Role: Manager, based in Boyce Moree.

1. What sparked your interest in a career with Boyce?

I love living in rural communities, so the fact that Boyce had multiple regional office locations in NSW was a big drawcard for me. I grew up in Yeoval, NSW, a small town in the Central West, so finding a job in Financial Services in a place like Moree was my goal.

2.  Describe your path to securing your current role?

In 2006 I was in my last year at the University of New England in Armidale studying a Bachelor of Financial Administration and I applied for a Graduate Accountant position at the Boyce Moree office. I secured the role and a few years later was promoted to the role of Accountant. I am now a Manager, so working for Boyce has been great for my career progression.

3. What do you love about your job?

I love working with my clients; assisting them to best understand their financial position and make informed decisions is really rewarding. The drought has been challenging for lots of people in this community including our clients. It is in times like these that one of our Boyce core values of care for clients truly shines through; our clients need our support now more than ever.

4. What do you love about living and working in Moree?

It’s exciting to be working in a highly productive agricultural community where technology is always changing and our clients are always challenging the norm.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time outside of work hours?

Outside work hours I am raising two young children with my husband. I’m also currently the President of the Moree Picnic Race Club, so there is always plenty of planning and collaboration with the Committee as the annual race weekend approaches each May. 

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Meet our Team Members - Mitch Webb from Goulburn

17 November 2019

Meet Mitch Webb, an Accountant from our Goulburn office. 

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Thank you for helping Boyce crack the $36,500 mark in our City2Surf fundraiser

Thank you for helping Boyce crack the $36,500 mark in our City2Surf fundraiser

15 August 2018

It was a special running of the City2Surf last Sunday, with Boyce celebrating its tenth year of participation. As the top 10 fundraiser in the city2surf, Boyce raised more than $36,500 for children’s health and education charity Royal Far West.

The final fundraising total means Boyce has raised more than $265,000 during its ten years of participating in the City2Surf. “I’m proud of the Boyce team for their efforts in the City2Surf and for their various fundraising endeavours over the past two months, whether it be cooking barbecues or giving out hugs,” Managing Director Phil Alchin said.

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Celebrating 45 years

27 June 2018

From an office in O’Connell Street Sydney 45 years ago, to organisation whose clients span Australia, and the globe….

While the “tools of trade” accountants use today are more sophisticated than then pencil, eraser and adding machine that Mick Boyce had available in 1973, our firm’s desire to provide genuine care and timely information to our clients to allow them to make insightful decisions, with a view to helping them maximise wealth, remains unchanged.

“We are extremely proud to be celebrating 45 years in business this year,” Managing Director Phil Alchin said.  “We feel just so lucky and privileged to share the relationships that we do with our valued clients. Our firm continues to live Mick’s ethos that accounting is so much more about people than numbers and we are humbled that a number of Mick’s original clients and their families continue to be clients today.”

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